Abstract Patterns


I have a newfound love for working with abstract patterns. This piece is called, “Remaining Afloat,” and it is one of my favorite pieces that I have created thus far.

This digital illustration was created completely in Adobe Illustrator. Through this piece I wanted to portray, through a partially abstract manner, the idea that it is so important to remain positive no matter what is going on around you. I think all of us this past year have felt surrounded by negativity, whether it be through politics or the recent events in Houston and Charlottesville. In times like these it is so important to not only lift ourselves up but to also help those around us remain afloat as well.

Be there for yourself and be accessible and open for those that need you!

Like A Girl – Call For Submissions


Hey ladies!

We always see the term “Like a Girl” associated with negative connotations, but I’m here to change that with the help of some amazing women! 

The “Like a Girl” zine is submission based and will showcase the incredible talents of female artists of any and all mediums. Anyone who identifies as a female can submit their work! Through this zine I hope to bring awareness and recognition and build a platform for all women who create art.

This issue will have no theme. Along with or in lieu of art feel free to submit any stories about your experience as a woman.

Musicians: you can submit by sending in photos of yourself/your band as well as a short bio. If you’d like you can also do a short interview for the zine.

The deadline for the first issue is October 31st 2017. There is no submission limit – but please note that if a lot of submissions are received and you submit quite a few there is a possibility they will be narrowed down – so feel free to specify which ones you absolutely want in the zine!

This zine will be an online publication.

send your submissions to: tblinderman@gmail.com

If you want to keep up with the status of the zine or just want a safe space to collaborate and share your work with other talented women join the Like A Girl — ZINE group! And if you know anyone who you think would be interested, please share!

In my Free Time 7.12.17

For this piece I decided to make a hand lettered gif. There were a few different steps for this piece!

The first step was sketching out some ideas and choosing which one to ultimately go with. Some of my ideas were all cursive but I chose the latter because I liked the contrast between the styles of lettering.


After the style was decided on it was then brought into my iPad where I brought it into the app Procreate and reworked it a bit so that it was cleaner and aligned better.


A few more of these were created to be used in the frame-by-frame animation. The colors were changed via gradient maps and the final version can be seen below!