Call for Submissions!


For those of you that don’t know the “Like a Girl,” zine is open for submissions! Female identifying artists of any and all mediums are welcome to submit their work. In addition to or in lieu of artwork all women are encouraged to submit any stories they want to share about being a female! There is no theme for this months issue and there is no submission limit – although if a large amount of submissions are received it may need to be narrowed down so feel free to specify your favorites.

Over the past month I’ve received submissions from some really incredible female artists and I can’t wait to continue receiving more! Submit your work and share this with anyone you think may be interested. There is also a Facebook group where you can stay updated about what’s going on with the zine.

So excited for this!

Abstract Patterns


I have a newfound love for working with abstract patterns. This piece is called, “Remaining Afloat,” and it is one of my favorite pieces that I have created thus far.

This digital illustration was created completely in Adobe Illustrator. Through this piece I wanted to portray, through a partially abstract manner, the idea that it is so important to remain positive no matter what is going on around you. I think all of us this past year have felt surrounded by negativity, whether it be through politics or the recent events in Houston and Charlottesville. In times like these it is so important to not only lift ourselves up but to also help those around us remain afloat as well.

Be there for yourself and be accessible and open for those that need you!

Moving Forward


For the past few months, this blog has been focused on art and design. It has been a great outlet to show both my work and my process. However, as much as my life revolves around design, there is so much more to me and my life that I’d love to share with the world.

Not only am I an artist and a designer, but I’m also a lover of craft beer, an avid listener of music, an online shopping aficionado, and, as of just recently, a doting cat mom.

I am a huge advocate of the phrase “yes and…,” a proponent for personal growth, and I always try my best to remain positive and move forward. I am devoted to trying new things and I would love to share my experiences and discoveries with all of you!


Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

In my Free Time 7.12.17

For this piece I decided to make a hand lettered gif. There were a few different steps for this piece!

The first step was sketching out some ideas and choosing which one to ultimately go with. Some of my ideas were all cursive but I chose the latter because I liked the contrast between the styles of lettering.


After the style was decided on it was then brought into my iPad where I brought it into the app Procreate and reworked it a bit so that it was cleaner and aligned better.


A few more of these were created to be used in the frame-by-frame animation. The colors were changed via gradient maps and the final version can be seen below!


DIY/Crafting + Finding Inspiration

IMG_9213While still searching for the right job post graduation I’ve been trying to keep myself as busy and as creative as possible (while also still trying to relax a bit!) I’ve been catching up on some much needed me time, which has been really incredible. In that me time I’ve been lucky enough to find an incredible amount of inspiration.

I’ve been trying to spend a decent amount of time in new places and just outdoors in general. Growing up in Fairfield, Connecticut I used to go to Westport far more often than I do now. Recently I went back for a day for the first time in years and it was like going back for the first time but it also brought back a lot of nostalgic feelings!

Coming home from an exhausting day I realized that crafting and DIY projects were something that I had been neglecting a bit lately. It’s easy to stick to digital design because of all the useful tools and resources the computer has, but it’s so therapeutic and fulfilling to create something tangible.

Today I woke up and thought, what can I create? I love plants and was super inspired by all of the ones I saw the other day so I decided why not create something plant related. I went to the store, picked up some new plants, pots and macrame cord and got to work.


I worked on some macrame hanging plant holders and I’m super happy with the way they turned out! There are a few imperfections but that all comes with learning and may I just say that all those years doing Arts and Crafts at summer camp really paid off! I created a few different versions of the plant holders. They varied in size, paint color and pattern of the macrame.

The macrame plant holders and pots can be purchased here!