Like A Girl – Call For Submissions


Hey ladies!

We always see the term “Like a Girl” associated with negative connotations, but I’m here to change that with the help of some amazing women! 

The “Like a Girl” zine is submission based and will showcase the incredible talents of female artists of any and all mediums. Anyone who identifies as a female can submit their work! Through this zine I hope to bring awareness and recognition and build a platform for all women who create art.

This issue will have no theme. Along with or in lieu of art feel free to submit any stories about your experience as a woman.

Musicians: you can submit by sending in photos of yourself/your band as well as a short bio. If you’d like you can also do a short interview for the zine.

The deadline for the first issue is October 31st 2017. There is no submission limit – but please note that if a lot of submissions are received and you submit quite a few there is a possibility they will be narrowed down – so feel free to specify which ones you absolutely want in the zine!

This zine will be an online publication.

send your submissions to:

If you want to keep up with the status of the zine or just want a safe space to collaborate and share your work with other talented women join the Like A Girl — ZINE group! And if you know anyone who you think would be interested, please share!

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